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Hi everybody! This website is meant to help Erasmus students in Lausanne to communicate with each other.

This is how it works:

1. How to read statements:

a) RSS-feed: Depending on your browser you can click on the RSS button in the menu and save a bookmark in the task bar of your browser. We recommend this way of reading messages. Every new post will be sent to this link and you will be able to read the first few words immediately in the task bar.

For questions about RSS-feeds see

b) Email: You can subsribe to an Email service by clicking on "Abonnieren". In so doing you will be informed about every post.

c) Go to and read.


2. How to write statements:

Click on "Jetzt auch bloggen" in the top right corner and logg in by using the username "Lausanne" and the password "Erasmus". Watch your spelling. Click on "Neuer Eintrag", write your post and upload it.

Soon it will be possible to post by sending an email...

If you have any questions concerning the newsgroup, post it or click on contact and your questions will be answered immediately.


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